So uhm, yeah. I made a post about doing another video, but no one responded or sent anything… So I’ve decided to give away some of my old stuff C: 

Here are some rules: 

  • You can reblog or like as many times as you like, just once per day. 
  • You’ve had to of been following me already, so no following me just to get a chance at the giveaway. Sorry, this isn’t a thing to try and get more followers. C: 
  • The deadline is AUGUST FIFTH 
  • Also, once the contest is over do not expect the stuff right away :u Especially if you are out of the US - I just pretty much lost my job, and I am trying to obtain a new one but if my funds are low by this date, it will have to wait! 

The list of prizes are: 

  • Tokio Hotel t-shit size XL 
  • Watch More Anime t-shirt size XL
  • Will Work For Anime t-shirt size XL 
  • Bioshock (XBOX 360) 
  • A growing hermit crab in a shell thing that expands in water…. I think.
  • Final Fantasy Trading Arts mystery figure (Figure is Vaan, box is squished yet he is not taken out of the wrapping) 
  • 40 count assorted earth incense, 30 count jasmine gonesh sticks, wooden incense holder
  • The Adventures of Hamtaro + Other Stories Picture book
  • Big Book of Fantasy Quests (it’s a find the ___ puzzle book) 
  • A handwritten letter from me! 
  • Your choice of a short smut fic that I’ll write for you! I’m sorry but it has to be male slash, I’m not very good at writing femslash or het. Can be any fandom that I know of, I know this is a very specific thing but I can’t write something I don’t know about… I also have to be comfortable with it, we can chat. :] 

FIRST PRIZE: You get to pick four of the prizes

SECOND PRIZE: Your choice of three of the remaining prizes

THIRD PRIZE: Your choice of two of the remaining prizes

FOURTH PRIZE: You receive the final two prizes 

HOW IT WILL HAPPEN: I will inform the first person, they pick and the process is repeated.

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posted 2 years ago
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tagged as: ooc. Followers giveaway. all of this is random..... lol. and this is posted really late.....

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